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Without your help we would still be looking

My wife and I had been looking for a house for over a year with no success. With previous agents we had been able to explain the general areas and prices of what we were looking for, but not much beyond that. Because it was our first home we didn’t really have an understanding of what we REALLY wanted. Did we want something we could fix up? Something that was move-in ready? Perhaps the location and price was right but the size of the house wasn’t. We would accompany Robert to look at homes that seemed perfect over the internet but in person just didn’t seem to be what we wanted. Over the course of these many, many, many trips; Robert would ask questions and he really developed an understanding of what we wanted but couldn’t express. Consequently each home we would visit started getting better and better and eventually we decided on a home that is perfect for us. Thanks Robert! Without your help we would still be looking.

Mehalakis Family